Activities on the property include any of the following

A return day-trip into Golden Gate National Park

Game viewing at the lodge

Reading your favourite book in the lounge or on the patio

Capturing breath-taking moments of the stunning landscapes on camera

Hiking (10 km) along the hiking trails

Go for a dip in the crystal-clear natural mountain pool on the hiking trail.

Find the Bushman paintings along the hiking trail

Mountain bike to Clarens & back (18 km) or simply go for a ride on the farm tracks

Do a game viewing horse-ride (adjacent to De Ark)

Walk to "Diamantkop" (Diamond hill) and see where it got its name

Walk to "Proteakop" and see a rare sight! (Hint: fynbos usually grows in the Western Cape and not in the Free State)

See if you can spot "rosehip" growing wild – the fruit that contains the most vitamin C.

Listen to sheer silence while staring at "Clarens Cathedral" – the mountains visible from "Diamantkop"

Average Temperatures


(November-March): 18 – 26 °C
(Thunderstorms during late afternoons)


(April-October): -5 – 20 °C
(Very dry conditions)

Approximate Driving Distances

(From De Ark) Cities & Towns

Clarens Town: 9 km
Johannesburg: 311 km
Bloemfontein: 273 km
Durban: 348 km

Places of Interest

Golden Gate National Park 17 km
Basotho Cultural Village 34 km
Casino 40 km
Museums 9 km